Value Added

Another unique aspect of FTZN is our ability to tailor a value added program to your needs.  Below are services that we can provide inside or outside of the Foreign Trade Zone environment:

  •  Kitting – we can create sets of materials for distribution to your customers, sales teams or for re-export to another country.   If this process is handled while the merchandise is in the FTZ and has not cleared US Customs then there may be an opportunity to lower your duty rate on the kitted product and if re-exported  then there will be no duty paid.
  • Pick/Pack – whether you are picking cartons to send to a big box retailer or picking pieces of metal yard art to pack into a large shipping box we have expertise in this area.
  • Labeling – UCC 128 or simple placards FTZN has been labeling products for 20+ years.  One unique feature of the Foreign Trade Zone is that we have the ability to correct country of labeling issues prior to admittance of your merchandise into the Commerce of the US.
  • Warranty processing – as a Foreign Trade Zone we can receive your warranty product into the FTZ and then destroy any product that is deemed non-repairable and file for duty drawback for return of 99% of your duty when the product cleared US Customs.
  • Obsolete product – if you admit your product into a Foreign Trade Zone and it becomes obsolete prior to the customs clearance the we can destroy the product and there will not be any duty paid.
  • Reverse Logistics – managing the returns process can be a daunting process but our team and experience allows to the capability to process and manage the returns for all types of products.  Coupled with the fact that we have the ability to receive these returns in a Foreign Trade Zone environment allows you the possibility to receive additional benefits that may offset the cost of the returns process and warranty cost.