3PL & FTZ 3PL Services

FTZN is a multi-customer 3PL provider of handling, storage, kitting, pick-pack, labeling, de-labeling, reverse logistics and warranty processing in a domestic or traditional 3PL environment or in a Foreign Trade Zone environment.  This multi layer service affords FTZN the ability to implement parallel 3PL services either inside or outside of the Foreign Trade Zone environment.

We consider ourselves over and above the traditional 3PL service provider given that we can handle your merchandise if it has cleared US Customs or whether there are issues holding back the clearance of your product.  As an example, you have a product that is awaiting paperwork from EPA or FDA, we can still accept the merchandise into our FTZ and then once the paperwork has been finalized then you can clear the product through U.S. Customs and it can be immediately released into the commerce of the US.  This way you do not have to leave the product in a foreign territory and will have quicker access to your merchandise.