FTZN provides all types of 3PL services in the traditional vein of the 3PL Warehouse.  But what sets us apart is our ability to provide parallel horizontal and vertical levels of Foreign-Trade Zone services within the traditional framework of 3PL services.

Parallel meaning to provide traditional 3PL services and FTZ services simultaneously.

Horizontal – in and out handling, storage or FTZ Admission/Withdrawals

Vertical – performing kitting, pick/pack and order fulfillment either inside or outside the FTZ environment.

In addition, we have forged relationships with carriers, bonded and non-bonded for the movement of your freight whether your product has cleared US Customs or not, we can manage that process.

Customs Compliance – as part of our non-traditional 3PL services we will look at your Customs policies and procedures to assist in determining any potential pitfalls that may arise should US Customs decide to perform a surprise audit.  If that does happen we can also assist in managing the audit process and provide an independent ‘eye’ that will give US Customs the comfort during this process.