In 1969, GILKO Warehouse Services started operations as a third party warehouse-man providing the basic services of handling and storage.  These services were provided to companies that either were to small to have their own facility or to companies that did not have their own facilities in Memphis or they did not want to have their own facility in Memphis.  Trucking was introduced several years later due to a growing demand by customers and non-customers wanting to have these services provided by the same company that was providing their warehouse services.

GILKO Trucking was born out of this need.  During this time several facilities were opened through out the mid-south and GILKO became a well known trucker and warehouse-man in the south.  It was also during this time that GILKO moved into the world of US Customs when they set up a Customs Bonded Warehouse in Memphis.

In 1986 they established a US Customs Bonded Container Freight Stations (CFS) making them the only facility in Memphis to operate both a Customs Bonded Warehouse and a CFS.  This proved over the years to be a profitable move by the company.

In 1993 the company was reorganized and GILKO Trucking was sold and Contract Warehouse Associates (CWA) was established to focus on warehousing services.  The Bonded Warehouse and CFS continued to thrive during the next 20 years and the company focused on imported product that needed to be stored in a US Customs pre-admittance environment and product that was produced in the US but still needed facility in Memphis.   It was during this time CWA was reorganized in order to focus efforts on servicing the warehousing needs of our customers.

In 1997, we began operating a general purpose Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) to assist a customer in handling US Customs compliance issues that they were experiencing.   By providing this service to this multi-national we were able to avoid millions of dollars in potential fines and saved them millions of dollars in duty deferment, MPF, brokerage fees and paying duty at all for the product that was re-exported.  As this service grew we added customers to the FTZ thereby creating the first multi-customer General Purpose FTZ in Memphis.  It was during this operation that we decided to make another change and re-focus our efforts on the ever growing 3PL Warehouse industry.

In 2013 we gave the company a ‘makeover’ by creating a new name, new logo and by creating the first ever network of FTZs.  This network will allow companies big and small the opportunity to distribute their products within an existing FTZ environment without having to build out their own space.  This will allow them to execute distribution and related activities similar to larger companies with national and global zone networks while providing a national and/or international footprint for distribution, while deferring, consolidating or eliminating duties and fees.  This will create a cash flow advantage that previously was available only to larger companies.  Customers can count on FTZN to provide a network of strategically placed zones in the U.S., and provide services in zones in other countries (Free Trade Zones, Special Economic Zones and the various other FTZ environments throughout the globe).

Over the past four plus decades, we have performed specialized and value added warehousing services such as providing a “food-grade” operation.  Additionally, we perform ancillary support services to the general warehousing business such as contract warehousing, order fulfillment, light assembly, sorting/sequencing, packing, repacking, crating and kitting.  During these 40 plus years of operations we have changed and adapted to the environment and will continue to do so in the years ahead.