Photo 2 Inside

We operate 156,000 square feet space in Memphis Tennessee.  There are 22 dock doors and a 16′ x 14′ drive in door to manage flat bed loads without having weather concerns.

As part of our philosophy we operate in a controlled access environment with security cameras across  the docks.   All visitors sign into a log which allows us to keep track of in and out activity of the facility.  Security and safety are of the utmost importance to FTZN.

Photo 3 InsideThe facility is a food grade facility registered with the FDA whereby we can accommodate all types of products including food and items that touch food.  As requirement of a registered food grade facility we have bug zappers along  the dock, the white stripe along the wall and a regular pest control program monitored by a local company with the log book maintained here on site.  In addition, we can handle medical products and devices and have the capability to monitor and track product by lot and expiration date.