FTZ Networks (FTZN) is a multi-location, multi-customer provider of parallel horizontal and vertical levels of Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) services and 3PL services.  Parallel meaning to perform both traditional 3PL and FTZ services simultaneously.  Horizontal defined as handling in/out and storage or FTZ admissions and withdrawals. Vertical means performing kitting and/or pick-pack operations under FTZ procedures or under the traditional 3PL services model, and a reverse logistics operation.  Vertical services will entail FTZ feasibility, activation, project management, marketing and development and zone administration/regulatory compliance.

We also provide services to Foreign Trade Zone Grantees in the forms of marketing strategies designed to enhance the use of local FTZs, identify potential users of FTZs and guide the Grantee through the process of converting to the Alternative Site Framework of FTZ management and administration.